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Mexican Coke Isn't Going Anywhere

Here we go again. Every time a beloved consumable product is threatened with extinction the hoarding begins. Surely you remember Twinkies, which commanded prices you might associate with a sizable yacht when Hostess went under. You can get those on Amazon right now for six bucks.

A similar fervor broke out when Dr Pepper announced the closure of its Dublin bottling facility. I distinctly remember drinking a bottle in my office while I watched the prices climb on Ebay. Now it looks like the next saccharine short-term investment might be Mexican Coke.

"High fructose corn syrup, and/or sugar" labels have been appearing on Mexican Cokes for years but the new fat tax has proved to be a tipping point. Coca-Cola is threatening to pull what cane sugar is left and replace it with cheaper corn syrup to counter the peso-per-liter tax.

It's time to invest!

Only not.

While websites like BuzzFeed and others have tried to turn this news into the next bacon Apocalypse, the Monterrey, Mexico-based Arca Continental that makes and ships Mexican Coke to the U.S. is unaffected by the tax and will continue to use cane sugar. Mexican customers, though, might notice some new flavors when they pop the top of their favorite beverage: delicious, corn syrupy capitalism.

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