Milk & Cream Brings a 'Sweet Bun' Ice Cream Sandwich to Lower Greenville

Fried dough, ice cream and Fruity Pebbles may not be the first foods that jump to mind when you imagine Californian cuisine, but baby, that’s about to change. California export Milk & Cream opened its doors near Lower Greenville this weekend, and once you try their signature milk and cream bun, you’ll forget all about avocados and fish tacos.

Though technically not a doughnut ice cream sandwich, it kinda is. You choose the ice cream flavor (sea salt caramel, lavender bean and green tea are among the choices), and they’ll scoop it into a freshly warmed pastry called the “sweet bun.” Comparable to an unfilled jelly doughnut, the sweet bun is lighter, more delicately fried and larger than your typical doughnut. Top it with chocolate chips, sprinkles, or pretty much any of your favorite breakfast cereals. Magically, the bun is just warm enough to achieve a delightful temperature contrast with the ice cream, but not warm enough that it melts before you can finish the dessert.

Open 'til midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, this is exactly where you need to end up after a night out. There's not much in the way of seating here, but not to worry — each of these delicacies is wrapped in a parchment envelope, making it perfectly portable for another walk through Greenville. 

Milk & Cream, 5420 Ross Ave.
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Kellie Reynolds
Contact: Kellie Reynolds