Miller Lite Intern Opportunity For Those Willing to Travel Cross-Country in a RV and Party With Stars

It's time to do some spring-cleaning on the old resume. Wipe the dust off with the sleeve of your shirt and maybe a little spit-shine for good measure, because Miller Lite has a new internship available that will catapult you up the corporate ladder. No, you won't bring home the bacon, but you will bring beer.

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Partnering with 20th Century Fox's summer movie The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Dallas native Owen Wilson (the blond brother), which will be in theaters in early June, Miller Lite will give four legal-drinking-age friends a two week cross-country internship that involves a series of very special of events.

The winners (Wait, interns are never "winners." OK, playing along.) will travel in a customized Miller Time Internship RV decked out with all the bells and whistles of a great man cave with stops planned in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Instead of taking inventory of the staple and tape supply and creating a TPS report on the findings, these interns will deliver beer to pool parties, receive brewing tips and take part in a NASCAR pit crew, all of which culminates into walking the red carpet for the premier of The Internship.

Interested students looking to take advantage of this laborious effort have until April 7 to apply through a series of open calls on Facebook. The set of four friends must apply together. You're a four-pack now. Attached at the hip. Cutting your teeth in the corporate world together, refining your business acumen to enhance your opportunities of landing a real job in a cubicle one day. Now, go out there and make us proud!

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