Mimi's Pizza is Open in Preston Hollow

As of January 2, the strip mall at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest, on the northern edge of Preston Hollow, has another has another fast-casual food option: Mimi's "New York-style" pizza. The small storefront near El Fenix and Mooyah Burger, a spin-off of the Joe's Pizza and Pasta chain, has been under construction since at least August, when I wandered by on my way to stuff something else in the front of my head.

From the press release:

The bring-your-own-beer-and-wine eatery, which opened on January 2, will feature not only pizza by the slice, but also appetizers, homemade pastas and calzones, hot and cold subs and salads with Mimi's famous house dressing. An emphasis on fresh ingredients and detailed attention to service and experience is what Mimi's is paying careful attention to, ensuring customers a dining experience that will warrant many returned visits. ...

Aside from an appealing lunch and dinner menu, Mimi's Pizzeria will also feature several high-definition flat screen televisions, video games and an open layout, encouraging diners and bring-your-own-beer-and-wine drinkers alike to enjoy the venue for their favorite sporting events or as a stopping point for any "night out in Dallas."

I live so close to this place I can't decide whether I want it to be good (for deliciousness reasons) or terrible (for me-becoming-an-even-fatter-fat-ass reasons.) I'll report back with a verdict next week.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.