Miss Turkey and The Top Five Shameless Carl's Jr. Ads

Carl's Jr., which opened a new spot in Dallas late last year, has added a new entry to their weird, not funny food-meets-porn marketing strategy. The commercial popped up on Eater today, straight from Carl's Jr.'s YouTube channel, and announces the new "Charbroiled Turkey Burger." Cue groan.

The ad, and as you can see from the screenshot, features "Miss Turkey" strolling to the pool, stripping (the voice-over says you'll remember her better in a bikini), and devouring the large, squishy sandwich.

Guess it makes sense, after the Internet success of Carl's Jr.'s ultra-ridiculous, migraine-starting Paris Hilton ad. Of course, the Paris Hilton commercial isn't alone: Carl's Jr. has a whole lineup of porny online and televised ads. After the jump, check out the worst offenders of shameless food-meets-porn marketing in the Carl's Jr. portfolio.

And hey! If the ad convinced you: The Charbroiled Turkey Burger is available now at the new Lemmon Avenue location.

The Hula Teriykaki Chicken at Carl's Jr

The all-to-obvious point of this ad: If you can't get a burger (not from Carl's Jr.) to satisfy you sexually (orally), then you best head to the nearest Jr. for a Teriyaki Burger. The even-more-obvious and disturbing: the gory, shudder-inducing sound the burger makes when the dude bites into it.

The Paris Hilton Western Bacon Cheeseburger

Can't you see the pitch session where this ad was approved? The script must have been just as over-the-top as the ad. Of course, it's over-the-top for humor's sake, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating or worthy of a strong eye-roll.

The "Hot Chick on the Bull" Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger

The description on this particular YouTube upload is: "A hott chick on a mechanical bull eatting a double western bacon cheese." There it is, folks.

The Audrina Partridge Teriykai Burger (with pineapple!)

About four seconds into the ad, Audrina Partridge's name appears with the sub-head "top-rated bikini body" as Patridge declares her obsession with her "bikini burger." The ad goes to white, and the slogan "more than just a piece of meat" appears. Stay classy, Carl's Jr.

The Padma Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger

It's not the close-up shots of tumbling peppercorns that's shameless, it's the shots of Padma Lakshmi pulling back her dress to eat bacon and lick the "spicy sauce" from her wrist and palm that really put this one way, way over the top. Though, to be fair, we've caught Dude Fooder Noah Bailey doing this at The Porch.

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