Mmmm. Delicious, Delicious Bunnies at Five-Sixty.

There's only one thing we think when we see a video like this:

"Yummy bunny." All right, so maybe that particular video wasn't intended to be food porn, but this one definitely was, right?

C'mon. It's a bunny. Humping a balloon. That bunny is so hilarious it deserves to be eaten.

Oh, PETA, it's OK. There's like a billionty bunnies in the world, and they're all humping like rabbits -- they're not gonna be on the endangered species list anytime soon. Okay, except for maybe this one. We won't eat that one. Cool? Cool.

Unluckily for the bunny, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit and to commemorate the Chinese New Year, January 31-February 3, Wolfgang Puck is introducing an Asian-inspired menu at Five Sixty. Start off with slow-braised rabbit spring roll and work your way up to the third course of roasted rabbit loin with white carrot cake and a blood orange reduction. The five course menu is $95, or $135 if you'd like it with a wine pairing.

We just have one question, Puck: Will there be bunny beverages?

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