Modern Farmer Has Launched and is Ready for You to Devour

Modern Farmer, a new quarterly print magazine that will hit the stands on April 15, has just recently launched an online site. The publication and site aims to cover a wide breadth of issues like the farm-to-plate movement, sustainability, global food issues, farming, chicken coops, legislation and, occasionally, photos of cute baby pigs in tiny boots.

Editor-in-chief Anne Marie Gardner, formerly of The New York Times, says in an online interview that inspiration for Modern Farmer came from traveling the world and meeting more and more people asking questions about their food on a global scale. MF will be an "information hub for this growing community."

"It's for people who understand that what they eat impacts the rest of the world," Gardner says, "and want to make a conscience decision about how they eat."

Gardner wraps up her interview with a note that "food issues are not just a nice-to-know thing, but will become an increasing need-to-know thing," which helps draws the line that this isn't a light-hearted publication with tendencies towards a Martha Stewart-esque entertaining, but will tackle issues that make us all worry a bit, like this Monsanto takeover timeline. After which time you'll want to find those cute baby pig pictures to lift your spirits.

Like Garnder said, not want to know, but need to know.

Look for the first issues at Whole Foods, Tractor Supply Co., and Barnes & Noble on April 15.

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