Pei Wei's Thai sausage
Pei Wei's Thai sausage

Money Tight? We Got Some Deals For You.

Let's get into a new week of giveaways and discounts offered around Dallas.

If you visit their website and like the idea of your mom as a comfort-food cooking ninja, then next Sunday check out the home-style eatery Horne & Dekker's weekly Sunday Supper specials and get a taste of some ninja-mom food. Horne & Dekker says it's offering endless portions of some of their dinner-table favorites like Mom's Meatloaf or Finger Lickin' Fried Chicken and beer battered fish for $15 per person with drink specials and $3 sweets to boot. Dinner lasts from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m., reservations are recommended and you can still ask for items off the regular menu too.

This coming Thursday, October 28, get to Pei Wei for a free grilled Thai sausage lunch with pineapple fried rice. Executive chef Eric Justice will be there serving the meals from noon-1 p.m. but the meal's only free for the first 250 people to show, so check Pei Wei's Facebook page and Twitter account Thursday morning to see where it's gonna be and haul ass to get there.


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