Monica Anounces Departure from Monica's Nueva Cocina on Facebook
Catherine Downes

Monica Anounces Departure from Monica's Nueva Cocina on Facebook

A few hours ago Monica Green posted a message to the Facebook page for her restaurant, Monica's Nueva Cocina, announcing not just that she is leaving the restaurant, but that she's been gone for an entire month.

From her post:

The rumors were true. I haven't been a part of Monica's Nueva Cocina for about a month now. For the moment the restaurant still carries my name, I hope that changes soon. I believe that the owners of this restaurant still committed to serve great Mexican Food. I wish them the best.

We're still trying to get in touch with Green and when we do we'll update you. The well known and well respected restaurateur still owns B.E.E. and a percentage of the Deep Ellum Maracas restaurant.

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