More Burgers. Always More Burgers. And Other Stuff.

If you like burgers or the word "unctuous," this week in Dallas blogs was a delightful bounty. If you prefer barbecue and invention conventions, just 'til tomorrow. Read on.

City of Ate Andrew Marton stretches his vocabulary in his review of The Office ("unctuous"? Twice? Down, Chowhound), a restaurant whose concept hinges on the belief that people stressed from the office want to unwind at a place reminiscent of the office. If people don't find the gimmick entirely charming, they might still enjoy the light crab cakes, flavorful meat and free Wi-Fi.

Alice Laussade decides Garden Café is a place stuffed with temperamental hipsters and sagging hippies, but it's often-ear-shaped (and not entirely fresh) food is pretty OK.

Remember that other time we brought you the best burgers from across the country? This slideshow is only burgers from Texas. A picture of a burger might not prompt you to hitchhike to Seattle, but we can probably get you to McKinney.

Andrew Marton agreed that Debi Mazar is intolerable.

Apparently, there is supposed to be something vile about fathers spending time with their daughters. Someone's teen is doomed.

We're sure you already smell like smoke and sweet sweat, but Que cologne can help you add the spice and meat to achieve a fragrance of barbecued meat.

Side Dish Mike Brown, former executive chef at Alma, current dealer-with of personal private and family issues in L.A., has been replaced by Anastacia Quinones, who used to be the sous-chef at Victor Tango's.

Nancy Nichols and her family still found a diverse scrumptious bounty inside Shed 2 of the Dallas Farmer's Market, even though the space is only half-full of vendors.

Sarah Reiss got a chance to preview the revamped lunch menu at Craft Dallas.

Pegasus News If you have $300,000 and a creepy dream of living in Tre Wilcox's home, or $300,000 and a dream of a lavish kitchen (that also happened to belong to Wilcox), today is somehow your day. Wilcox's Cedar Hill home is listed at $294,000.

Honey Bunches of Oats rolls out a Raisin Medley cereal featuring three kinds of raisins, teaching us that there are more than two kinds of raisins. Which makes sense because there are more than two types of grapes, but nobody can name three kinds of raisins. My money's on big, bigger and biggest.

Escape Hatch Dallas Mike Hiller spends quality time with the Karubecue, from Southlake inventor Bill Karau. The invention figures out how to balance the tasty, high-heat smoke without ruining the meat.

Crave DFW Steven Doyle told the story of what happened when a fleet of chefs and a gaggle of journalists visited Lemley's Farm.

Turns out, when chef John Tesar is not-not getting into fisticuffs with other chefs and then not texting Nancy Nichols about it, he makes a pretty decent burger.

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