More Meat on the Upcoming Celebrity Dinners at Knife

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to visit Chef John Tesar’s Knife inside the Highland Dallas hotel, now may be a good time to pull the trigger. For five nights beginning today, Tesar and pastry chef David Collier of Knife will welcome a different celebrated guest chef for special five-course dinners priced at $150 (inclusive of alcohol and gratuity) benefiting EAT (RED) DRINK (RED) SAVE LIVES.

On Monday, the newly James Bearded Aaron Franklin (yeah, you know the one), will be serving vegetables (JUST KIDDING!) to a sold-out crowd.

The Franklin + Tesar Menu:

44 Farms beef tartar in the 21 style, sesame cones, hollandaise fluid gel
44 Farms beef jerky croquetas, jalapeño mayo
Korean BBQ boneless short ribs

First course
Aaron’s Charcuterie Plate

Second course
Beef cheek ravioli Bolognese, lime basil pesto

Third course
44 Farms prime NY strip au poivre, John’s mac and cheese

Fourth course
A selection of Texas BBQ in the style of Aaron Franklin

Fifth course
“Banana Pudding”

Guys, unfortunately, this one’s all sold out, so if you didn’t tickle your keyboard fast enough, you’re S.O.L. But, as it turns out, there are other ways to satisfy your meat craving and donate to a solid cause at the same time. Plus, you get to say “Bono” a lot.

On Tuesday, Las Vegas comes to Dallas by way of chef Alex Stratta from the new Tapas by Alex Stratta.

The Stratta + Tesar Menu:

Foie gras bruschetta with spiced apricot jam
King crab with various flavors of garlic
“Fried Chicken”

First course
Salad of pea shoots, freeze dried peas, Iberico ham and English pea sorbet

Second course
Porcini mushroom risotto, zucchini blossoms and aged Parmigiano

Third course
Arctic char, pickled Asian mushrooms, lotus root, green onion and mushroom dashi

Fourth course
Red wine braised beef cheeks, almond, chickpea and dried fruit

Knife crème brulee 2.0

On Wednesday, Top Chef Masters alum chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast in Portland will show Dallas her beastly ways.

The Pomeroy + Tesar Menu:

Huitlacoche and wild mushroom croquetas
Hamachi ceviche on tostones
Lobster & avocado tempura with pickled watermelon

First course
Asparagus velouté, ramp mousse, pine tip syrup

Second course
Potato gnocchi, gulf blue claw crab, black truffle essence

Third course
Line-caught swordfish Korean BBQ style, kimchi, Korean vegetable pancake, kimchi butter

Fourth course
Sherry-glazed pork belly, levain toast, green strawberries, braised pink radish and fava beans

“Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake”
Yogurt panna cotta, compressed strawberry, poached rhubarb, strawberry sorbet 

On Thursday, The Granary down the road in San Antonio will lend us their chef/pitmaster/co-owner Tim Rattray.

The Rattray + Tesar Menu:

Charred foie gras torchon, rhubarb, ramps and fines herbes
Sturgeon chicharrones, Spanish yogurt, Passmore Ranch caviar and sea salt
Fried Atlantic oyster with charred tomato salsa

First course
Bluefin tuna poke, beets, carrots and lime basil pesto

Second course
Grilled quail, BBQ butter, corn pudding, chow chow

Third course
Sriracha pork belly, steamed bun, hoisin, bread & butter pickles and Jarlsberg

Fourth course
Grilled beef rib eye cap, barrel-aged soy, blood orange kosho, sea bean salad

Strawberry rhubarb tart

And finally, on Friday, Kris Morningstar, chef-owner of Terrine in L.A., will treat some lucky Dallasites to a dinner to remember.

The Morningstar + Tesar Menu:

King crab with various flavors of garlic
Sturgeon chicharones, Spanish yogurt, Passmore Ranch caviar
Tempura avocado and tandoori chicken

First course
Hamachi ceviche and tostones

Second course
Octopus, burrata cheese, toasted broccoli, salsa calabrese and sunflower seeds

Third course
White Pacific sturgeon, crispy pork belly, poached quail egg and sauce gribiche

Fourth course
Beef rib eye cap, charred allium sauce, ramps, chive blossoms, smoked salt

“Raspberry & Buttermilk”
Raspberry ganache, yogurt sponge cake, raspberry spheres, buttermilk sherbet

I had the opportunity to ask a few of the Dallas-bound chefs a few choice questions prior to their trip.  Here’s what chefs Rattray, Pomeroy and Stratta had to say...

What intrigues you about cooking with Chef Tesar?
Rattray: John is one of the most compelling food personalities to work with. He's such a talented and creative cook who has managed to continually reinvent and evolve over the years; all things I want to emulate.

Pomeroy: I'm curious if he is going to retaliate for any harsh judgments I made while judging him on Top Chef.

Stratta: John is one of the most passionate chefs I know, dedicated to the craft and committed to excellence. We have known each other through the years and I admire how he has defined his cooking with bold and straightforward flavors.

What motivated you to come cook for (RED) here in Dallas?
Rattray: John invited me to cook the event with him; that's a huge honor to be invited by one of my mentors.

Pomeroy: I have a good friend living with HIV, and I think it's a very important issue to continue funding.

Stratta: Whenever I am given the opportunity to help raise an awareness toward any organization committed to the improvement of people's lives, I'm in, whether in the Las Vegas community or elsewhere. Awareness of the ongoing battle with AIDS/HIV has not been in the forefront of people's minds, and we should all be reminded that the problem has not gone away or been resolved.

What one thing would Dallasites be surprised to learn about you?
Stratta: I love Texas BBQ!!

Pomeroy: When I was young, I was referred to as the condiment queen and constantly ran around saucing everything.

Rattray: I went to college to become a veterinarian.

Whoa. At first I read, "vegetarian." That was a close one. Anywhow, describe Dallas in one word.
Stratta: Bold.

Pomeroy: Hawt.

Rattray: Cowboys.

Now describe your city in one word.
Stratta: Exciting.

Pomeroy: Pickled.

Rattray: Emerging.

Describe your restaurant in five words or fewer.
Stratta: Committed to offering genuine hospitality.

Pomeroy: 6 courses of delicious. 

Rattray: Craft beer, progressive barbecue.

What can we look forward to tasting during your courses at knife? 
Stratta: Rich flavors; subtle and assertive at the same time.

Pomeroy: Pickled green strawberries and pork belly. 

Rattray: The menu is still being finalized, but a charred foie gras torchon and grilled quail basted in barbecue butter, among other things...

Snag seats at the four remaining dinners by purchasing yours here.

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