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More Things To Fry At Next Year's State Fair

Maybe you flipped through this week's Top 10, a countdown of foods to fry next time the state fair rolls around.

We put together what we thought was a pretty unassailable list--Pop Rocks, Jello shots, vegan cupcakes and the like. Hard to beat, right?

Ah, but then you lot chimed in.

There were some pretty impressive ideas posted in the comments section, including deep fried bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with Jimmy Dean's sausage, from a list sent in by The Big Guy.

The top ten (which unfortunately doesn't include DallasDude's deep fried soylent green on a stick):

10. Sloppy Joes (from CCh)
Just the thought of temps hired to cook in a sweaty tent trying to hold these things together makes this idea worthwhile.

9. Fortune Cookies (luniz)
A turn in the deep fryer would make these things edible. And they could write up some fair-related fortunes, such as "That corn dog is coming right back up" or "See you in Arlington for Texas-OU."

8. Mountain Oysters (chevytexas)
Frankly we're disappointed we didn't think of it.

7. Bacon Cheeseburgers With A Doughnut Bun (CCh)
From a purely symbolic standpoint, this may be the most perfect state fair fried food idea.

6. Rattlesnake (DallasDude)
Part of the reason we go to the fair is to see new things--pig races, people wearing cowboy hats, the morbidly obese in motion--and taste new things. How often do you see rattlesnake on menus?

5. Corn Dog-Battered Tacos (CCh)
Great idea--an homage to Tex-Mex and and the state fair itself.

4. Armadillo Sausage (chevytexas)
It says Texas and it would help clean up the highways.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Jimmy Dean's Sausage (The Big Guy)
Some might like his stuffed jalapeno idea better, but this one from The Big Guy is simple. And it reminded us of a line from Homer Simpson: "Butter up that bacon, boy. Now bacon up that sausage."

2. Pizza (The Big Guy)
You just know it would be good.

1. Brownie Batter (The Big Guy)
This one, however, would win that fried food competition, if any vendor chose to attempt it. In fact, we may try this one at home.

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