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Mot Hai Ba to Open Tuesday, Bringing a Blend of North Vietnamese and Street Food

Jeana Johnson and Colleen O'Hare have announced the opening date of their much anticipated Vietnamese concept. Mot Hai Ba will open next Tuesday, serving a blend of North Vietnamese cooking including a selection of street foods that may just be perfect for snacking.

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There will be five-spice grilled chicken wings and fried rolls filled with pork and shrimp. There will be braised oxtail and char-grilled prawns. There will even be frogs legs, if you're down for trying them.

Certainly the pictures look amazing, but the menu is still a work in progress. Prices are missing, but dishes are described as running up to $15 for lunch entrees and up to $28 for dinner.

There are banh mi, of course, which thankfully include the requisite pâté, and the bar will feature French wines, and French, Asian and Belgian beers.

Belgian beers and Asian food? The two go hand in hand as one of the greatest culinary pairings of all time. While everything hinges on the execution, Mot Hai Ba is shaping up to be a very interesting addition to Dallas' dining scene. Lunch starts at 11 a.m. next Tuesday, and all dishes are available for carry out. But why would you want to leave a dining room like this one?

6047 Lewis St., 972-638-7468

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