Mothafukkin' Pic Nic Pants: These Have to Be City of Ate's Official Pants

This is an important invention. It was hard not to assume this was some sort of early April Fools' prank, but visiting the Italian source proved it (thankfully) true.

Besides being City of Ate's New Official Pant, we're just thrilled there's now a flap system that allows us to drop to the ground and eat anywhere. Just think: now you can buy a Frito pie at 7-Eleven, plop to the cold ground and devour it like a starving puma.

And clearly it's perfect for camping -- a place to keep your Styrofoam barbecue plate while you're taking an animalistic tree dump.

The group of Italian designers touting this on their site had better make these available for sale. I mean, we do have Iron Fork coming up.

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