Move On Down The Road

There's a new grocer in town. Well, not really new. Just bigger, fancier and in a different location.

Dallas' newest Whole Foods Market location opened Monday to much fanfare. Yeah, the store is more than a little bit similar to existing siblings in look and product selection. But there's a lot worth talking about here.

It has an impressive cheese selection (400 varieties displayed on a freestanding island), a Texas barbecue counter, pizza ovens and an early 7 a.m. opening time. As if there really is a "7 a.m." The baked goods department included a case displaying cupcakes ranging from teeny-tiny (.49 cents) to downright Cowboys stadium-esque ($3.99).

But everyone is really talking about the fancy stuff, including censor controls that automatically turn freezer case lights on and off as people walk by, counter tops made from recycled bottles and several parking spaces reserved for hybrid cars.

The new Whole Foods Market is located at 2118 Abrams Road at Gaston, and replaces the Greenville Avenue location, which closed Sunday.


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