Mr. Mesero is Open on McKinney. Here Are Some Photos, Hermano.

Mr. Mesero opened at 4444 McKinney this week in the old Burger Girl spot. Brought to you by local restaurateur Mico Rodirguez, who also brought us Mi Cocina, Mr. Mesero offers mostly Mexican (tacos, enchiladas, barbacoa) and a little standard American (burgers, strip steak, pork sandwich).

The food definitely isn't Tex-Mex but more classic Mexican cuisine. The "callejeros" tacos come with roasted chicken achiote, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce and grilled onions. Chiles offered as side options include "pulla," wood fired tomatoes and toasted puya pepper. "Toreados" are pan-fried Serrano peppers and grilled onions.

Tequila and well-made drinks are emphasized, as well. The Mico Rita caught my eye: "El Jimador frozen margarita 'especial recipe,' mango, horchata and strawberry." They also have a "Size 2" that is made with Splenda.

I'll take the Mico Rita.

Here's some more visual evidence:

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