Mr. Sushi's Homemade Rum Cake Makes You Wish Every Day Was Your Birthday

In Happy Endings, foodbitch goes on the hunt for Dallas' unsung and unsurpassed desserts. Today: Homemade Rum Cake at Mr. Sushi in Addison.

Sometimes you don't go looking for a memorable dessert. Sometimes you're just sitting there, finishing a literal boatload of delicious sushi, when the gong drums sound and the waitstaff sings and you realize the entire restaurant is staring ... at you. And then suddenly, a dessert topped with a single flickering birthday candle appears in front of your eyes.

This is how most people first come across the moist, warm, even slightly burnt homemade rum cake at the quintessential Dallas sushi institution otherwise known as Mr. Sushi. It's unexpected and it's simple, but it is greatness. And now, I can't imagine ending a meal there without it.

This cake is not beautiful by any stretch. It's brown, caramel colored, pre-cut into cubes and sometimes accompanied by fresh fruit, like pineapple or oranges. It's absolutely, unmistakably un-fancy. But one taste is all it takes. If you find it on the menu, it's called simply, Homemade Rum Cake. Happy birthday, indeed.

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