Mudsmith & The Londoner To Open Downtown

News reaches us that Lower Greenville's fanciest coffee shop/bar/place to look at people using Apple products is to branch out to the previously uncool downtown Dallas in a redevelopment on the 1500 block of Elm.

When it gets there, it'll take one look at its new building and notice it has been joined by the Londoner, a local chain that stretches from Addison to Frisco, and Southpaw's Organic Grill, which has outlets in Uptown and the Park Cities, which is code for "fancy."

While Dallas might be a dab hand at demolishing old buildings simply because they were in the way of the American dream, the architect in this case promises the re-do will be "faithful" to the building, and will open sometime mid-2015.

The reason this development is exciting is it's a different brand of eatery than we're used to seeing downtown -- one might have thought that Mudsmith's more natural next home would be Bishop Arts or Deep Ellum, given its coolness. Nobody had downtown Dallas on their list of possibilities for a second Mudsmith.

Could this see more and more excellent businesses emigrating to downtown, or will Mudsmith be stopped in its tracks by seventeen Starbucks suddenly closing ranks and battering it to death with a pumpkin latte? There's no way to tell. But at least, in the Londoner, you'll have somewhere downtown to watch weird European sports.

(h/t Dallas Morning News' Eats Blog)

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