Mudsmith Coffee is Now Open on Lower Greenville

Dallas business woman, Brooke Humphries (entrepreneur behind Acme F&B, It'll Do and Barcadia) has ventured into the ever-booming coffee shop business. Humphies' opened Mudsmith Coffee (2114 Greenville Ave.) on lower Greenville in the space squished between World Beer Co. and the Single Wide that once housed Shade.

The space is larger than nearly every independent coffee shop in town. Enormous vaulted ceilings shoot out from wood paneled walls, adorned with various stuffed animals. A massive bar, located in the center of the shop, boasts two La Marzocco espresso machines (one in mint green, the other sky blue), a selection of pastries, and beer and kombucha on tap. Mudsmith serves Fourbarrel Coffee, based out of San Francisco, and according to one of the shop's many Urban Outfitters-clad baristas, they will also be serving wine (they have four bottles to choose from; two red and two white), sandwiches and kombucha mimosas.

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