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Mutt's to Give Dog Lovers Another Place to Imbibe

Remember my old buddy Finn? She rode down to Texas with me from D.C. after I let her know I wanted to take a job with the Observer. I feel like kind of a jerk -- I haven't really given her all the doggy bags I promised her that would come with my new position -- but that's all about to change. Finn's shaping up to be a canine food critic.

Her first assignment will be Mutt's. The dog-park-themed restaurant is slated to open in Uptown this May by Joshua Sepkowitz and Kyle Noonan of Free Range Concepts. You've heard of them right? They opened Bowl and Barrel before they reopened Sunset Lounge, announced the opening of a new concept called The Rustic, and now apparently are going to the dogs.

This is a rendering of the new restaurant. If you look carefully there's a lonely dog in the fenced portion of the outdoor space. According to the news release that announces the concept there will be a private, maintained dog park adjacent to the restaurant, where monthly memberships or one-time day passes will be available for purchase...

Well Finn. No dog park for you. I've checked with management and while food, beverages taxes and tip are all covered, dog park fees will not be reimbursed. Sorry pal.

Burgers for me though. And hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and more during lunch and dinner hours, while coffee, breakfast tacos, bagels and pastries will be served for breakfast. I promise Finn. This time I'll bring home something good.

Mutts, 2889 Cityplace West Blvd.

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