My Family Pizza, a New Lakewod Pizza Shop, Is Now Open

The sign has been taunting from the shopping center on Live Oak for some time. My Family Pizza, the small restaurant chain formerly known as Pizza By Marco, has been working on a new location in East Dallas. They opened for business yesterday.

This location is more of a take-out pizza joint as opposed to a sit-down restaurant. There are tables but only a few of them, and you'll have to order the pizza at the counter. Still, it's another pizza joint for East Dallas, to round out Scalini's, Greenville Avenue Pizza Co. and Cane Rosso.

My Family Pizza made news earlier this year when owner Frank Nuccio announced he decided to change the name of more than 50 years rather than fight a lawsuit. It then made news again when Nuccio attended Burning Man, had a vision and returned hell-bent on removing GMOs from the menu.

The last I checked in Nuccio had started offering alternate sodas that were GMO-free, but little else had been done, which probably means I should give him a call and see how much further he's gotten.

Oh, and order a pizza.

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