Arepa mountain
Arepa mountain
Catherine Downes

My Favorite Dishes Of 2012

It's list season, in case you haven't heard. I was going to spend today blogging about my top lists of the most listy time of year, but I decided I'd just point to what's been my favorite list so far.

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You probably recognize the dishes. I ate my way through 100 of them this past summer into early fall, leading up to this year's Best of Dallas issue.

But there's something different about paging through scores of dishes in print, with Catherine Downes' brilliant photography illuminating the best of the best. And it's a great guide for getting outside the restaurant options you constantly fall back on when you're feeling too lazy to find a new place.

Grab one in print and keep it in you car with those empty greased stained bags from you last McDonald's drive through run. Or bookmark the list in your browser and keep it at your finger tips at work. The next time you're hungry and craving something new, page or scroll through the list and commit to trying something new. You won't be disappointed.


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