Nachos, Failed Milk Bills and Sushi Cats: This Week In Dallas Dining

Busy week in Dallas dining news. I'll cut to the chase and get right to it.

This week I wrote about Craft and Growler, the beer filling station that's become a hub for local craft beer enthusiasts. If you're looking to explore the exploding local beer scene here in Dallas, C&G is a good place to do it.

Elsewhere on CoA, we ate a lot of nachos, and took a look at ballpark nachos, which got started at a Texas Rangers baseball game.

The raw milk bill died, so you'll have to keep driving to your family farm if you want to buy farm fresh milk. And Nosh Bistro in Plano suffered a similar fate (died, that is). Meanwhile, the BBQ Posse picked a fight with the BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn.

Speaking of barbecue, over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviewed Kenny's Smokehouse and awarded just one star, even though she found the brisket passable. The service is quite lacking according to her review. Meanwhile, Kim Pierce wrote an ode to perfect ravioli -- it's a hard thing to find.

Down in Mutt City the Houston Press food blog Eating Our Words announced a very big job opening. Katharine Shilcutt is off to Houstonia. Let's see... Robb Walsh, Alison Cook, Katherine Shilcutt... sounds like easy shoes to fill to me. Congratulation to Shilcutt, though.

I've become quite addicted to Empire Bakery's bread from the weekend White Rock Local Market, buying a loaf almost every weekend. The only problem is, the bread is gone by mid week and their Lovers Lane location is a bit far for me. Kelly Yandell demonstrates how effortless it can be to make excellent loaves right in your own kitchen on The Meaning Of Pie

Finally, Side Dish delivers the most important piece of food news I've seen all week: Sushi cats

See you guys next week.

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