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Nammi: Trickle at the Truck

Nammi is "cruisin' Vietnamese fusion." It's a food truck! Yay! We begged heaven and its opposite, City Hall, to let us have food trucks in Dallas, and we're so excited that they're here, and now that we have them...apparently none of you effers go to them unless it's opening day.

There were two other people in line with me when I went on Thursday. What's the deal, You? Why are you not filling your face hole with cheap and tasty banh mi and barbecue pork tacos?

What, is standwiching (duh, eating your sammie without sitting down) in a blacktop parking lot in 300-degree heat not appealing? Do you seriously expect ample seating and air conditioning with your food truck experience? Do you barely even have time for lunch since you spend most of your break shopping for Schlitz? Perfect. Nammi is the food truck you seek, you high-maintenance heat-intolerant boozer.

When the Nammi truck is in the Sigel's parking lot on 3209 N. Fitzhugh at lunch, order your food and then take it inside the air-conditioned Sigel's to chow down. There's a special break-room-y lookin' room in the back set up just for Nammi customers.

I ordered the $6 BBQ pork banh mi and a lemonade. (It's a Vietnamese sandwich. This one's on a 12-inch baguette with garlic mayo, cucumbers, pickled daikons and carrots, thinly sliced jalapeños, cilantro and the aforementioned barbecued pork.)

Took a quick sip of my lemonade and something immediately tasted funky. Like maybe something fancy was going on. When I got inside the Sigel's and started to recover from heat stroke, I asked my friend, Jack Daniel's, what he thought about the lemonade. He was all, "That shit is delicious, you idiot. It's basil mint lemonade. Get a palate. Jesus H."

Then, I tried a sip of the lemonade with my bahn mi and everything changed. It was like red wine meeting steak for the first time: Shit got delicious. The lemonade chilled out the spicy jalapeño in the sandwich, and the subtle mint and basil flavors in the drink totally third-based the barbecue pork.

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