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#NationwideCheers, 5 p.m. Friday; Support a Craft Brewery and Toast The Week Goodbye (in Spirit)

#NationwideCheers #SocialDistancingEXPAND
#NationwideCheers #SocialDistancing
Christopher Durbin

Most of the news sort of sucks right now. Except gas prices. Those are fun.

So whaddaya say at 5 p.m. this Friday, we all crack one open and give a collective “cheers!” to a week that is certainly one for the books? Bid adieu in frothy fashion, while remembering all those great times we've had at craft breweries over the last decade — and most certainly will once again.

Community Beer Company actually came up with this idea Wednesday. While practicing a safe social distance, they pondered ways to keep the craft beer culture vibe going, despite all this mess.

"We believe it’s important that at a time like this, the craft beer industry joins together to promote a sense of community, especially when many of our supporters are feeling isolated,” Community Beer Company explains on their site.

So, they’re leading the charge with a #NationwideCheers campaign in an effort to get beer drinkers near (but not really) and far (primarily) to hop over to their favorite local brewery or retailer prior to Friday afternoon, buy some beer to-go and collectively share a pint together — in spirit — at 5 p.m.

So, great news! You have a date for happy hour! Community hopes we all make it a regular thing. Tell your friends and have your friends tell their friends. Let’s show coronavirus it’s not the only thing that can spread.

Use the hashtags #NationwideCheers to share your experience on your preferred social medium.

Let #SocialDistancing #BringUsTogether. 

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