New Miller Lite Punch Top Can Makes Shotgunning Beers So Much Easier

See also: Rejected Miller Lite Delivery Systems Miller Lite has introduced a new Punch Top Can to increase airflow to your drink hole, "reducing glug and resulting in an improved, smoother pour." Which actually translates to faster times for shotgunning.

The small indenture on the top of the can be opened by various instruments, like say a small stick off the ground, a neighbor's fancy fake nail, a claw from a stray cat, a golf tee, or even as Miller Lite suggests, a dollar bill -- a fiver if you're a high-roller. Nickels won't work, however.

Instructions go like this: Simply set the can on a solid surface, place your chosen opener against the edge of the can and use the leverage to open the second tab. Tilt head back so the beer has a straight path down throat, swallow big, and -- finally -- beat grandma in a beer shotgun race. That'll shut her old ass up.

The new easy-flow brews will be available in stores this week.


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