New Upscale Cocktail Den Smyth is now Open

Brian Williams and Brian Martensen, the team behind Cedars Social, have quietly opened a new high-end cocktail den called Smyth at 4513 Travis St., just south of Knox Street. Previously we told you about The Establishment, an oyster-inclined restaurant, which has yet to open. Smyth is the drink part of that operation.

Cedars Social helped usher in a new kind of cocktail experience in Dallas. Once almost obsolete, old fashioneds can now be found on menus all over town. Smyth hopes to elevate that casual experience, like at Cedars Social, and take it to a more intimate level.

But, old fashioneds won't be on the menu because there aren't any -- menus, that is. Instead, bartenders customize each drink according to what customers are in the mood for or flavor preferences.

According to their marketing, Smyth is a "timeless cocktail lounge ... with groove tunes that make your head bob."

For now, you can just waltz right in and take a seat (but not at the bar because those seats haven't come in yet). However, soon you'll need to make a reservation either through OpenTable, under "The Establishment," or by calling 214-520-0900.

Smyth is open 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.Tuesday through Saturday, except on Fridays the doors open a little early at 5:30 p.m.

Drink prices start around $10.

The Establishment was initially slated to open in December; no word on the official opening yet.

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