New Vegan Enchilada Buzz at BEE

Based on the constantly buzzing (ha!) parking lot, and the word of mouth (some call it buzz) about BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever, it's become clear that the Oak Cliff counter-service enchiladeria is a neighborhood and willing-commuter favorite. People dig the options, the service, the people behind it and, as we've admitted, the chipotle crema.

BEE already offers a fair selection of vegetarian and vegan options with their BYO enchilada menu (as well as the quinoa and tofu "especiale" selection) but beekeeper (official title, btw) K. Steven Roberts says there's a new venchilada to debut tomorrow night.

The Sweet Amarillo is a mashed sweet potato enchilada with roasted Amarillo (roasted yellow bell pepper) sauce and it will replace the Ciudad signature enchilada, since, well, you can customize your own Ciudad (chicken tinga with chipotle crema on corn) using the BYO menu anyway. The new addition will give patrons two vegan ready-to-order options, so anti-customizing veg-heads now have twice the go-tos.

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Merritt Martin
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