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Nine Artisan Foods in Dallas That You Should Be Eating (or Chugging) Right Now

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The Mozzarella Co.'s Fresh Mozzarella In the late 1970s, Paula Lambert, a Fort Worth native, traveled overseas to study Italian in Perguia, Italy. While there, she became smitten with fresh mozzarella, and upon her return to Texas was dismayed that no one here knew what the hell she was talking about. To fill the void, she created The Mozzarella Company, to provide the citizens of our fair city the joys of fresh, egg-shaped, melt-in-your-mouth cheesy goodness without the burden of traveling to a country where the government has no control over its elected officials, public transit system or social services.


Dread Head Chef's Strawberry-Mango Dessert Salsa I once asked Michael Weinsten, the Dread Head chef himself, what kind of person usually bought his line of fruit-based "dessert salsas," which are meant to be served with his own cinnamon or chocolate flavored chips. "It's a solid 50/50 mix between stoners and Highland Park baby shower hosts," he said. And how can you not like a product that fosters such camaraderie among the primary foodie demographic groups? I haven't tried a bad combination yet, but I'm particularly fond of the Strawberry-Mango salsa with cinnamon chips.

Peticolas Beer 's Velvet Hammer Is it fair to list a product that isn't available for retail sale? Or does the exclusivity make it even more artisan? I don't know the rules. I just know that Michael Peticolas, lawyer-turned-brewmaster, is quietly making North Texas' best craft beer.

Last year, after only being open for eight months, he brought home the first Great American Beer Festival gold medal ever awarded to a Dallas brewery. If you just have to drink your beer at home, all the cool kids these days are filling up growlers at a growing number of shops around town (The Bottle Shop, Craft and Growler, Certain Whole Foods Markets). Velvet Hammer is an Imperial Red Ale, 9% ABV, with flavors of sweet brown sugar cut by a modest amount of hops.


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