No Glazed Donuts in Deep Ellum Until Friday? The Scandal of it ALL!

It's time to make the doughnuts, y'all. Don't get grumpy about it either. If getting up at 4 a.m. is your assigned lot in life, then embrace it. It's an important lot. A lot of people are concerned about that lot. Perhaps too many.

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After a brief opening last Friday and this past Saturday, Glazed Donut Works (2644 Elm St.) has pulled the reins in hard and is closing shop until Friday to train more people to make their from-scratch pastries.

On opening day, Glazed sold 500 doughnuts in about 90 minutes, then increased production on Saturday to 750 and still had to close up early. It's never fun (nor financially prudent) to close up early on account of lack of product.

Today they posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Making donuts the way we do is extremely labor intensive, and making everything from scratch is not a fast process, nor should it be. There are no buckets of preservative laden processed fruit, bags of donut pre-mix or bulk instant glazes here - no frozen product or conveyor belts. Quality takes time.

What we will not do is sacrifice quality for quantity, conversely we also want you our customers to have access to our product for longer than 90 minutes. What we have elected to do is add staff and increase production of our donuts. Adding additional staff and training them will assure that while we are increasing our volume, we are not sacrificing quality to do so. What this means is we will be closed for employee training until Friday morning this week. We will reopen Friday morning at 7am to resume regular hours. We appreciate your patronage and hope you will bear with us as we triple our employees and increase our production. Thanks in advance for your patience with us - we truly appreciate your business and hope to see you here soon!

So, we'll see how it goes next Friday.

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