No Saints Marching -- and Drinking -- In the Super Bowl. Too Bad.

The New Orleans Saints' elimination from Super Bowl contention this weekend devastated members of the Who Dat Nation -- and deeply disappointed the DFW restaurants looking forward to serving them.

Robbie Connell, manager of the Humperdink's in Arlington, which hosted the official LSU Alumni pre-game tailgate party before the Cotton Bowl on Friday, says Louisiana fans live up to their reputation as hard drinkers and heavy eaters.

"Oh, they were wonderful," he says. "We had a really good time and minimal trouble."

Connell says his staff was pulling for a reprise on February 6.

"I'm bummed the Saints didn't win," Connell says. "The Saints have a great crowd. We definitely would have preferred the Saints to have won."

The Saints were knocked out of the play-offs by the Seahawks, a team from a town better known for coffee than cocktails. Connell says he hasn't jumped to Seattle's camp; he's now rooting for two towns renowned for their beer consumption.

"We've been talking about Chicago and Green Bay," Connell says. "We like our Chicagoans."

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