The Beard Award: the restaurant industry's Oscar, minus the embarrassing speeches
The Beard Award: the restaurant industry's Oscar, minus the embarrassing speeches
James Beard Foundation

Support Dallas’ Chefs, Restaurants and Bartenders Through James Beard’s Awards Entries

It’s been a big year for Dallas food, thanks to the national acclaim from Bon Appétit, so we might as well keep promoting our city for what us locals already know: We have incredible people doing incredible things in the restaurant industry.

Now’s the time you can nominate for the 2020 James Beard Awards for leadership, book, restaurant and chef, broadcast media, journalism and restaurant design.

Within those, you’ll find categories, one of which has a new geographic area: Best Chefs in America – Texas. It figures, since last year our state saw a record number of semifinalists, so let’s keep it going.

The James Beard Foundation’s awards are a big deal: Earning one or even a nomination can be a highlight in a chef’s career. Every year the foundation has a call for entries, receiving thousands from across the country. You nominate your restaurant professional or establishment by providing your info, their info and a few words on why they’re worthy of such recognition. Entries are then tallied and judging commences.

We’ll hear who semifinalists are in February, then the awards in March.

The James Beard Foundation is accepting nominations for leadership and book awards through Dec. 1, restaurant and chef awards through Dec. 2, broadcast media through Dec. 9, journalism awards through Dec. 16 and restaurant design awards through Jan. 20. 

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