From wine to preservative-free gourmet snacks, Nosh & Bottle is a handy neighborhood addition to Toyota Music Factory.EXPAND
From wine to preservative-free gourmet snacks, Nosh & Bottle is a handy neighborhood addition to Toyota Music Factory.
Dalila Thomas

Nosh & Bottle Brings a Wine Shop, Market, Deli and Date Spot to Toyota Music Factory

It's no secret Las Colinas has become the most entertaining part of Irving, reinforced by last year’s opening of entertainment complex Toyota Music Factory. Despite the failure of Big Beat Dallas, and the restaurants associated with it, a ton of other food and drink options remain. One such business is a quadruple threat: Nosh & Bottle, a restaurant, deli, wine store and market that's been flying under the radar. Husband and wife Jim Louder and Nancy Schachtner live in the area and noticed the need for what they eventually created.

“We saw an opportunity with the Toyota Music Factory opening,” Schachtner says. “Living in San Francisco, like 10 of us would go up to wine country and drink wine, then we’d get hungry and go buy olives and salami and chocolate and avocado dip and nosh. I thought we needed a market. We thought we’d give it a try, so we came up with Nosh & Bottle.”

Grab a bottle of wine and split a Nosh Board.EXPAND
Grab a bottle of wine and split a Nosh Board.
Dalila Thomas

Louder first moved to the area in 2004 and saw an area in need of more options.

“I started seeing what limited access we had to grab-and-go food, and the lack of variety for things preservative-free," he says. "We just felt like there was a need for something quick, something that’s good and not expensive.”

But it isn’t all about wine and charcuterie at Nosh & Bottle.

“Bottle of wine, bottle of coffee, bottle of milk, bottle of soda, whatever,” Schachtner says.

Nosh & Bottle's bacon and brie sandwichEXPAND
Nosh & Bottle's bacon and brie sandwich
Dalila Thomas

They’re a full-service market and restaurant, too. The bacon and brie sandwich has quickly become a favorite for many.

They technically don’t offer brunch, but they offer breakfast all day and have Champagne. Nosh & Bottle also has a certified cheese specialist on board. Stop by from 5 to 9 p.m. on Wednesdays, when you can get a wine tasting and unlimited "nosh board" for $35. It also makes a great date night on Thursdays, when you can get two glasses of wine and a charcuterie board for $30.

Nosh & Bottle, 370 W. Las Colinas Blvd., Irving. Open 6 a.m.-midnight daily; kitchen closes at 10 p.m.

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