One reason we love it: the retro lighting.
One reason we love it: the retro lighting.
Alison McLean

This Is Why We Love Nova

When I learned Observer critic Brian Reinhart was heading to Nova for a then-upcoming review, I asked if I could crash a visit.

That's not normally something I'd do, he's perfectly capable of eating and breaking down meals himself, plus he surely has cooler people to dine with. But he graciously welcomed me without hesitation.

See, I can't resist the opportunity to go to this Oak Cliff spot. Smart cookies have known about the diner-like establishment for years, but I, in my former "I'm going to stay in my neighborhood" ways, didn't get to go there until last year, when I met someone who thankfully had this restaurant as her favorite.

She introduced me to the chicken-fried pork loin that's topped with a savory sausage gravy, a meal I insisted Brian must try. (He concurred it's pretty darn great.) LPT: Nova-loving friend also informed me how good this meal could be if you save some, reheat it in the morning and top it with an egg.

But it's not just the gravy and fried batter we love, it's the people, the decor, the whole vibe of the establishment.

Don't believe us? Take a look at what it all has to offer in this slideshow. You're welcome.

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