Half-pound cheese burger at Liquid Zoo.
Half-pound cheese burger at Liquid Zoo.

Now Open in Lake Highlands: Liquid Zoo, Purveyor of Firehouse Chow

Earlier today I caught up with Don Scarborough about his new place, Liquid Zoo at 6750 Abrams Road in Lake Highlands. Scarborough told us he's serving up "burgers, a spicy chicken sandwich, home made chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches; and a fried bologna sandwich."

Intrigued, we asked him about the homemade pimento cheese. Got anything special in it?

"Well, I can't tell you. It's all a secret," said Scarborough, laughing but with a hint of ain't-no-freaking-way.

Scarborough recently retired after being a Dallas Firefighter for 34 years. He cooked at the station.

So: Which is harder, cooking for a bunch of fire fighters or at a restaurant?

"Oh, definitely fire fighters because they're so dang picky," said Scarborough.

Scarborough is really proud of his fresh half-pound burgers on a grilled sourdough bun. He uses all fresh ingredients and everything is home-style.

In addition to being a restaurant, Liquid Zoo is also a bar with two pool tables, Buzztime trivia, 10 flat screens and bands on the weekend.


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