Nurse Your Sudden Case Of Baseball Fever At The Lakewood Landing

Each week City of Ate will give you the lowdown on a local happy hour in Quittin' Time, with the details on why you should or shouldn't take up the featured bar or restaurant on its drink specials.

Where: Lakewood Landing, 5818 Live Oak St., 214-823-2410

When: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday

What: 50 cents off all drinks.

Why: We're no epidemiologists, but we have a strong suspicion that with the Texas Rangers just one win away from winning the American League Championship Series there will be a rash of workers calling in sick or begging off work early this afternoon. If this strange fever has affected you, our experience last night suggests this would be the perfect place to recover. Fortunately, happy hour begins right before the first pitch.

The atmosphere was electric, with loud cheers and strangers trading high fives and back slaps at every opportunity. Yet the patrons also managed to act like adults, with bargoers and staff alike careful not to impede others' views of the screens or talk too loudly during suspenseful moments, and without getting obnoxious toward the pair of Yankees fans present -- better treatment than Yankees fans probably deserve.

And if the game stretches past the four-hour mark again, a good, cheap meal is readily available, in the form of the Landing's Best of Dallas-winning bar food.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.