This cocktail is just begging for an Instagram post.EXPAND
This cocktail is just begging for an Instagram post.
courtesy Tiny Victories

Drink This: Tiny Victories' New Blu-Tang Clan

The name Tiny Victories makes you think the place succeeds just a little — but that's not the case with this cozy Oak Cliff watering hole. They are victorious every day, with every cocktail and with every interaction, and they recently launched a new cocktail menu.

Operating Partner Ryan Payne came up with a handful of new cocktails; some have irreverent names like Back Dat Cass Up and Grandmasterrazz. Our favorite of the new bunch is the Blu-Tang Clan. For starters, it's perfectly Instagrammable thanks to the bright blue hue from the butterfly pea curaçao and the stark contrast of the egg white. It offers a beautifully simple yet complex flavor profile — look for smoke, sweet, tart and a touch of banana, all enveloped in a rich texture thanks to the egg white. It's almost tiki-like.

Blu-Tang Clan ($10): Mezcal, agave, lime, grapefruit, egg white, butterfly pea curaçao, Banane du Brésil

Tiny Victories, 602 North Tyler St. (Oak Cliff)

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