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OcaTaco, the taco joint from Maple and Motor's Jack Perkins, is Open on Forest Park

After several days of delays, ocaTaco, at 6333 Forest Park, finally opened on Friday. We stopped by to check it out and grub down with the medical community. And some random dudes in overalls.

OcaTaco is in the food court next to the Paul Bass Administration building off of Forest Park, which lends to it an atmosphere just slightly more exciting than the airport. Except no one is there to shine your shoes. Bummer.

Park in the ginormous parking lot right in front of the Paul Bass sign and the doors are a straight, long shot back on the left. You'll think you're about to walk into Narnia and never see your crazy family again, but trust us, it's in there. Enter through glass doors, turn left, and inhale the smell of meat into your nose holes.

The metal ocaTaco sign hangs above the black and silver counter and is impossible to miss. Like Jack. So don't be deterred by the boring, endless windows and tables and chairs made of sterile plastic and wire. You're in the right place.

People in scrubs and sparkly Toms rush in and out of line and never look up from their phones, which is understandable when you have 58 minutes to answer text messages, emails, calls from your senile aunt Mary about her cat, and plan dinner for tonight.

The menu is simple and easy to order from. "You want three?" the nice lady will ask you. Choose from the meats on the board and then just tell the nice lady what you want on your tacos. Onions, cheese, cilantro, warm salsa, guacamole, and fresh limes are up for grabs right now, although Perkins will be adding to this list as he bangs out more recipes and details. The line moves quickly, (think Chipotle in fast forward) and you'll find that not spending half your lunch break waiting in line is a very, very good thing.

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Sara Blankenship
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