Ocean Prime Goes Old School With Its Updated Supper Club Theme

While some Midwestern cuisine--like Cincinnati chili--may make a Dallasite gasp, other portions of it, like the chicken pot pie, we've adopted as our own. The same can be said for an Upper Midwestern concept called the supper club--a concept Ocean Prime in Uptown has ripped from its retro recesses and renovated with modern flair.

At first, it sounds like a bunch of old farts chomping on Salisbury steak and playing gin rummy--but that couldn't be further from the truth. "Back in the day, a supper club was the place to be," says Brandon Davis, Ocean Prime general manager. "The vibe was hip, the food was amazing and everyone had the time of their lives."

Popular in the 1930s and 40s, the approach to a supper club is simple: take one part flavorful fare, add a bevy of bars and cocktail lounges, sprinkle in some live entertainment, and finish it off with eye-catching design features.

Ocean Prime updates the super club concept with its modern features--such as a floor-to-ceiling water wall and narrow, minimalist fireplace--which are the perfect backdrop for the see-and-be-seen faction that frequent the venue. The oversized patio, filled with plenty of seating to accommodate the Friday and Saturday night crowd, stretches along the entire southeastern side of the building. Inside, rich, warm woods mingle with low lighting, cozy seating and a super modern fireplace--creating an environment that is instantly engaging.

Each dish at Ocean Prime is touted as being prepared with "exquisite simplicity," a throwback to its supper club roots where menus traditionally feature simple, American cuisine--like steak, fish and hearty side dishes. This menu offers all of the above, from tender Chilean sea bass to a hearty 18-ounce ribeye, served with family-style sides. And guests can count on dining on some great Baked Alaska, the classic supper club dessert.

Even though the dishes are "simple," they are taken to ambrosial levels. For instance, a modest mac-n-cheese is transformed into divinity with the addition of black truffles. And with the help of impeccable service and dramatic plating techniques, the supper club- theme is successfully carried out of the 1930's and planted in the contemporary climate of Uptown Dallas.

Ocean Prime
2101 Cedar Springs Road

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Nicole M. Holland