Ocho Kitchen Space in Preston Center To Be Replaced with Mi Piaci

Earlier this week, the folks behind Mi Piaci announced they'd be taking over the Ocho Kitchen space in Preston Center. Ocho, which opened last fall, quickly failed despite a number of changes to the menu and concept.

Mi Piaci has been serving Italian cooking in Far North Dallas for more than two decades. The second location is scheduled to open this August, according to the news release, which also translates the place's name (you are pleasing to me) for those who are curious. The phrase has no doubt been shouted from countless Italian bedrooms, but was not echoed by Leslie Brenner in her recent review in The Dallas Morning News.

Brenner awarded two stars last August after the restaurant was renovated to repair damage from a hail storm, saying the experience was more about the idea of eating Italian than actually eating Italian. According to Brenner's review, Mi Piaci failed to embrace the elegant simplicity that is the cornerstone of Italian cooking.

Still, if you like the original restaurant, you'll be comforted to know the owners are taking every possible step to ensure the food at the second location is nearly identical to the first. Perhaps their award winning wine list (Wine Spectator Gold Medal Award of Excellence) will help spark a little romance in the bedrooms of Park Cities residents. Mi Piaci! They will exclaim. Mi Piaaaaaaaci!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.