Oddfellows Dinner Menu Less Odd Than Limited

Diners can now decide whether they share Oddfellows' managing partner Amy Wallace Cowan's initial skepticism about the restaurant's new dinner menu.

While the final version of the menu still hasn't been released, Cowan says it lists just three items: Fried chicken, a hamburger and a seasonal rice bowl. In contrast to the daytime menu, which is awash in options, the dinner menu is designed to showcase a slim selection of perfectly executed dishes.

Customers will also have their pick of a dozen a la carte side dishes.

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Cowan stresses the quality of the three entrees will be high. She describes the chicken as made with "all-natural, no hormones, no antibiotics chicken" and says the kitchen will use grass-fed beef for the half-pound burger. As an example of a rice bowl, Cowan offers "black beans and rice with tomato and avocado."

Oddfellows will also offer soft-serve ice cream and pastries that Cowan describes as worthy of the restaurant's sophisticated coffee machine.

Dinner service begins next week.

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