Of Gluttony, Hot Meat, Luscious Tomatoes and Dirty Chocolate: A Sinful Week in Food News

The FDA is under scrutiny in The New York Times this week. Looks like the serving sizes listed on nutrition labels may be getting a new look and Observer Editor Joe Tone will have a new and legitimate excuse to Hoover down ice cream by the pint. I wonder how many servings are in a 12-inch Great Outdoors hot No. 12 with the works.

The BBQ Snob reports on Austin's "Operation Meat Locker", in which a barbecue restaurant got caught cooking up stolen beef.

Those crazy hackers are at it again. RedOrbit reports that Hershey's sent an email to customers describing an attack that altered a baking recipe on the chocolate giants website. Hershey's won't cough up any details about which recipe was affected or how. Our guess is the brownies got a little extra butter and maybe some THC.

And then there's tomatoes.

The weekend is coming, and tomato season is in full swing. Mark Bittman rapes tomatoes. As much as his pictures of 12 different recipes look drool-worthy, I'll always prefer a simple kitchen-sink sandwich. Two slices of bread, an obscene amount of mayo and an entire tomato cut into thick slices. A few farmers and chefs I've talked to say tomatoes in Dallas are at the top of their game as we speak. I can't wait to get to the market this weekend. What will you do with your summer bounty?

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