Of In-N-Out and Crabs...Our Inner 12-Year-Old Howls With Laughter

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It sounds like soft shell crabs and In-N-Out are finally coming to Dallas, so it's been a good week in Dallas food blogs. Read on.

City of Ate Kristy Yang has some mixed feelings about Il Cane Rosso. She was disappointed to find the homemade pasty was gummy and bland. The salads were filling and refreshing, and she referred to the divine burrata appetizer as a "stunner." Following that pattern, the pizzas were "hit or miss."

One strange thing happened, though. Yang recalled a "leisurely Sunday brunch" at Il Cane Rosso, but the comments insist the restaurant isn't open Sundays (and doesn't have a brunch menu.) Anybody remember that scene in Shattered Glass?

Alice Laussade solved the mystery as to why BG's Subs is always vacant: because it's gross. Not just gross, but soggy, unripe, those-corpses-going-into-the-caskets-sold-next-door-are-the-lucky-ones gross.

So, besides the Love Shack, Tim Love is trying to make "EaDo" happen in Denton. Which, come on, Tim Love. I've only been in Denton a couple of years, but even I know that Denton homies don't play that.

Apparently, as reported by many Dallas food blogs, diners are opening Champagne making special reservations to celebrate Osama bin Laden's death. Is patriotic or morbid?

Yang logs a few complaints about lazy Susans, the spinning apparatuses that sometimes appear on dining tables.

It was a sausage fest this week for Jonas M. Luster as he shared his grandparents' destiny (What do you get when you combine salami, food shortages and assault? True love!) and asked Dallas for the favorite sausage joints.

Side Dish Soft-shell crab time is scuttling to Dallas faster than, you know, a soft shell crab.

I do enjoy a good cake ball, so I was thrilled when Daniel Walker shared his experience with the treats from Zen Baking Company.

Remember when we told you that people are making dinner reservations in honor of bin Laden's death? It was a big deal on City of Ate. It was an explosive deal on Side Dish, and still, nobody can decide exactly how we should feel about it.

Pegasus News Marc Cassel is opening a new "combination shack" (meaning American, Spanish, Asian and "a lot of familiar stuff") restaurant called Peavy Road, just down the street from Good 2 Go Taco.

You spoke, Hostess listened: Watch for (or maybe taste for?) lemon meringue-filled Twinkies.

Escape Hatch Dallas If you're not going to be at Churchill Downs tomorrow, that's because you'll be at J. Black's Feel Good Lounge. And how could you not be? Check out that poster.

Forget your plan to monitor Twitter -- the James Beard Foundation will stream the James Beard Awards live from New York on May 9. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

I've already told you not to get your mother pizza scissors for Mother's Day. DLynne Proctor also has some useful advice in the form of wine suggestions.

Crave DFW Danyele McPherson, known for being one of the "leads" of Stephan Pyle's Fuego, has been named the new sous-chef at The Grape.

Now that York Street has closed, Sharon Hage's cooking is even more of a treat. David Donalson has the details.

Rob Banes continues his quest for the ultimate burger at Screen Door. The Southern restaurant served up a tasty, far-from-disappointing (and we say that affectionately) burger piled with cheese, grilled onions and bacon on a toasted bun. Sounds like a successful burger, indeed.

Follow City of Ate on Twitter: @cityofate.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.