Off-Site Kitchen In the Trinity Groves Could Open this Fall With Very Extended Hours

Off-Site Kitchen opened in its first tiny home on Irving Boulevard on Valentine's Day in 2012, and only then did we know that Cupid was real and his cute girth was because he loves smashed cheeseburgers. With a renewed belief in angelic archers, we dove into this new relationship fearlessly. Two years later, we still love owner Nick Badovinus' burgers. A lot.

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Recently while researching the smashed burger science that explains why OSK keeps calling us back, I found myself with an insane need for a stock cheeseburger. But that wasn't happening anytime soon because at the time I couldn't make the lunch-only hours. The pain. I realize love hurts, but cruelty is unnecessary.

So on a lark, between texts about the specifics of smashing burgers (gently, briefly), I asked Badovinus if his second Off-Site Kitchen that he's working on in the Trinity Groves will be open in the evenings. Here's his response:

"Very open at night. It will be open late too ..."

And the cherubs danced like fat sizzling on a griddle.

As for exactly when OSK part two will open is hard to pin down.

"Hope we have it going before next year," Badonvinus says. "If we can catch fall, I will be stoked. Depends on when the building is ready for us to take possession. A few more moving parts, but it's going to be super."

Yeah, we can only imagine. Only. Imagine. (For now.)

Badovinus says that Phil Romano and his Trinity Groves crew is working hard to get the entire building together at once, but he went into the deal knowing it would be tough to pin down an opening. We all just have to be patient.

"I'm excited about all of the energy down there," Badovinus adds. "Happy to be in the mix when the time comes."

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