"Official" Restaurant Week Comes To a Close; So, How Was It, Aters?

We made it Aters. Another Restaurant Week has come to a close. When I wrote about its beginning last Monday, many chimed in with experiences yet to come. Capital Grille, Salum, Nosh, Nonna, Abacus: Everyone dove in with enthusiasm listing the places they planned to patronize. But now the dust has settled, the checks are paid, and napkins have been folded and tossed aside.

It's time to talk Restaurant Week results. Did you like your meal? Did you feel catered to, or was more like you participated in a marketing ploy? Restaurant Week has always been a numbers game, launched in cities everywhere to coincide with what is typically the slowest weeks of the season. You won't find the promotion in the middle of summer in a tourist town for instance.

That Dallas couples the event with philanthropy is a nice gesture, and ne that's particularly timely considering the fire that ravaged a North Texas Food bank warehouse recently. But even if the Restaurant Week is borne out of concern for the bottom line, it's still a chance for a restaurant to shine for customers that might not show up otherwise. The sense that you're being pushed though a machine before receiving your bill is an unsettling one. Better to have a table where you're encouraged to linger.

Food Bitch loved her steak, but could have done without a side of fake tits ravaging her dining room. I spent my week hunting down restaurants that didn't participate. Neighborhood Services was packed this weekend, as was a small unassuming Italian restaurant I ducked into. How was your Restaurant Week? Let us know. Follow City of Ate on Facebook & Twitter. Follow me at @scottreitz

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