Oink N' Moo Plans to Make Barbecue Mobile with January Truck Launch

A new food truck, Oink N' Moo BBQ, is launching in Dallas in January, and will be Dallas' first dedicated barbecue food truck. And about damn time! In return for this interview, owner David Hunt has promised to drive up to my work three afternoons out of every five.

Tell us a bit about you and barbecue, David. I lived in San Marcos and Austin for several years while going to school, and living that closely to some of the greatest BBQ joints in the world developed my love/passion and most importantly comprehension of what BBQ should be.

What are your plans for Dallas? My opinion, Central Texas BBQ is as solid as it gets and that's what I'm trying to deliver to DFW.  I would say that my focus is on bringing the best barbecue experience to the DFW area. The best of all of my experiences in one stop.

Tell us about your truck. There are two things that you will NOT find on my truck ... a microwave and liquid smoke. Quality is key for me, and everything on my truck is handmade. The rubs, the sauces, the sides, all of it. That's important to me. I hope people appreciate that dedication to the craft.

If you could smoke any non-food item, what would it be? Beer. Not sure it works here but you'll find that beer is my answer to a lot of things in the world.

Do you know who Daniel Vaughn is, and do you fear him? I have heard the name but I fear no man ... except for my neighbor. That guy really creeps me out.

Are you challenging Peggy Sue BBQ for title of most easily chanted barbecue destination? I am slowly attempting to take over the metro area one, zombie-like chanting foodie at a time.

What's your favorite film? Strange Brew. No, Caddyshack. No, Fletch. Ummm, Old School. No, The Jerk. Wait, don't print that. Correct answer is Vacation. I mean Strange Brew.

Do you have any good jokes about barbecue? I'm running out. No, and writers should never run out of jokes.

What's the deal with airplane food? Do they still serve food? Man, The Observer must hook you up with some primo first class seats.

Who would win in a fight, a hundred duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck? What's scary is actually how much thought I put into this question. Strange Brew. No, beer.

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Gavin Cleaver
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