Old Ali Baba Location Will Soon Serve Barbecue

This is all the confirmation I need to know that Dallas has slowly been trying to kill me. For as long as I've lived here, the Lakewood Ali Baba was a regular source of healthful sustenance to temper my excessive diet. On the evenings I wasn't eating for work I'd use their tabouleh and other salads as a way counteract all the burgers and barbecue I used to fuel these blog posts. When it closed late last year, I'm quite certain my cholesterol ticked up a few points.

Now that a replacement has been named for the same address, my conspiracy theory is confirmed. Where I once went to heal, a temple to smoked meats has been raised. Some time in December, Lakewood Smokehouse will start serving barbecue.

Jason Hall is the owner. You might recognize him as the guy behind 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco, which received a tepid review from Leslie Brenner at the News (she loved the brisket during one visit, not so much the next) and an endorsement from barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn. Hall wasn't the pit master at 3 Stacks so don't get too excited, but solid ownership is always a good start.

You know how barbecue menus go — expect brisket, smoked turkey and sausages with sides like macaroni and cheese, fried okra, green beans and potato salad. It's worth noting that craft breweries will make up the majority of the beer list, with 20 Texas breweries on tap. A lengthy happy hour will ensure any remnants of healthfulness at the address will be put to rest for good.

Lakewood Smokehouse, 1901 Abrams Road,

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