One Hundred Million Tacos With A Side Of Burlesque: This Week In Where The Hell Is My Lipitor

Summer is picking up and that means the arrival of tomatoes that taste like nature intended. Not those lifeless cottony numbers picked while green and sprayed with ethylene, but those glorious summer orbs ripened right on the vine and delicious enough to be eaten all on their own. It's a good time to eat a few hundred BLT's, if you ask me. Before you hit the Farmers Market though, we have a week to wrap up. And this has been a really great week for City of Ate.

I reviewed Cafe Maya in Oak Cliff (lots of Oak Cliff these days) and while I think the place has some good plates and some bad ones, I really wish the owners would amp things up across the board.

Elsewhere on the blog, we found two restaurants worth pointing out again. Tracy Miller's Rosemont has opened in Deep Ellum and is serving a compelling breakfast and lunch menu. Alex found Mr. Max, a Japanese spot way out in Irving that has me contemplating a drive.

Shunning any potential elitism, we ate mac and cheese at Wendy's, and noted that despite our negative comments, Taco Bell sold 100 million Doritos Locos tacos. Don't look at me. I'm only responsible for two of them. La Victoria's Zack Attack treated me much better. Maybe if I get a burrito there every week a new City of Ate burrito will be tossed on the menu. Please drop your flavor combination nominations in the comments below.

Also, this is a good story. If you haven't read it do it now before you leave the office. I asked your boss, and he said that it was OK.

Over on the Eats Blog things have been a total snooze town. I'm guessing Leslie Brenner is taking a blissful vacation, and I hope she enjoys a week of eating whatever the hell she wants too.

Meanwhile, Side Dish keeps chugging along. They went to a party with Cointreau and Dita Von Teese and nabbed some great shots. If you're into that sort of thing, though, you should check out our coverage of the same event over on Mixmaster. Jamie has a great interview with the brunette temptress with the scarlet lips.

Also, Carol ate some crazy Russian food it Carrollton.

The only other thing that grabbed me this week was Entree Dallas' interview with David Uygur about anchovies, because it reminded me of boquerones. Have you guys seen them anywhere? I'm craving that salty, acidic and oily bite.

Time to power down those desktops and enjoy a hot weekend. Looks like it could hit 100 degrees on Monday. Here we go.

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