Organic Burgers, Fried butter and Everything in Between

This week's Dallas foodie coverage is an assortment of organic, frozen and fried foods, dried and proscuitto-wrapped figs at the height of fig season, fancy Finnish foods and a battle at the Pyramid. Check out this week's Sloppy Seconds.

The Week in Review(s):
Your own Dallas Observer:
This week Hanna Raskin ventured to the Pyramid Restaurant & Bar at the Fairmont Hotel where Chef André Natera needs only to climb up two floors to the roof for the freshest herbs, fruits and vegetables, as he used in a dinner salad with cubed and lightly torched watermelon wedges.

Dallas Morning News: Oddly enough, Leslie Brenner also reviewed the Pyramid, praising the duck with poached and dried figs and appetizer with scallops, all the more affordable menu now with Chef Natera at the helm. Complimentary side dishes and Hunter Hammett's extensive wine list of international and Texas wines don't hurt either.

Dallas Food Blog Highlights:
Nancy Nichols had a hard time with the disinterested waiter for a Monday morning breakfast at Craft Dallas. D accidentally sent an underage intern Victoria Guida to the "Cooking with Finlandia Vodka" fundraising event, which was complete with flower adorned food, ballet-inspired desserts and luckily, virgin cocktails.

Pegasus News: Jamie Oliver would be happy to hear that Dallas ISD has seen the light. Starting this fall, new healthier options will be available for school lunch menus, including fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dark leafy greens and even vegetarian options. Rose Carbo traveled to Spain's five wine regions through her taste buds at the wine and cheese tasting portion of Foodjects: Design and the New Cuisine in Spain held at SMU's Meadow Museum.

City of Ate: Noah Bailey found an interesting Dude Food first, a slopped together but delicious cheeseburger you'd never guess was organic at the Burger Spot. Kristy Yang found #48 of our 100 Favorite Dishes at Hattie's, the proscuitto-wrapped figs, stuffed with walnuts and blue cheese, a combination I never would have imagined would appear in the same sentence, much less in a bite-sized appetizer, but Hattie's makes it work. José Ralat Maldonado spoke with the Friar of Fried Abel Gonzales Jr. about his upcoming guest spot on the Rachael Ray Show, demonstrating how to make the famous fried butter that got Oprah's attention last year. Hanna Raskin reported that Momma Raye's Old Fashioned BBQ will be packing up the truck from its mainstay in Deep Ellum for good and putting down some roots on Commerce Street. Hanna also talks to James St. Peter at Hypnotic Donuts who's been thinking outside the donut hole for his latest concoction - donuts chilled to 40 degrees -- available this weekend.

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