Owner of Highland Park Cafeteria Donates Land for a White Rock Local Garden

Jeff Snoyer, owner of Highland Park Cafeteria and Monopoly Place, has donated land for the new White Rock Local Garden. This is collaboration between the White Rock Local Market (WRLM), Highland Park Cafeteria, USE Farms and DFW Truck Farm/Garden Inspirations.

Located off Garland Road and Fuller, the ¾-acre plot will be all organic and GMO-free and will grow produce, herbs and flowers for WRLM, individual gardeners and diners at HPC.

Heather Rinaldi is a member of USE (Urban Sustainable Ecosystems) Farms, and will play a key role in leading workshops at the garden. USE Farms is an organization that serves as a platform for teaching sustainable gardening and lifestyles, including "workshops on transforming homesteads into more self-sustaining ecosystems."

The garden will also sponsor Love Your Farmer volunteer days that will include cooking demos and Sprouting Healthy Kids -- a hands-on gardening and nutrition after-school program that offers lessons in cooking, sustainability and nutrition.

The first Love Your Farmer day is June 23 from 8 a.m. to noon at the garden. Wear your gettin'-dirty clothes and a big hat. Sunscreen would probably be a good idea as well.

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